I got a dozen roses
From a friend the other day,
But I only have one left,
For I gave them all away.


I gave one to my sister
Who to me is very dear,
In hopes that it would bring to her
A little floral cheer.


I took one to a friend
Who's not feeling very well,
The flower or the visit -
Which helped more, I could not tell.


One went to another friend
I haven't known for long,
She struggles, so in some small way
I hope it helps her carry on.


The rest went to the ones
Who've helped me in so many ways,
They have been a cheerful presence
On sad and dreary days.


The roses were so pretty
I just could not keep them all,
Except one single rosebud
Standing beautiful and tall.


My friend gave me those flowers
To help brighten up my day,
But the biggest joy I found in them
Was in giving them away!

Here Is A Single Rose, Just For You!

Pass A Rose To All Your Friends!

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Idiots in the Room

"If there are any idiots in the room, will they please stand up?" said the sarcastic teacher. After a long silence, one freshman rose to his feet. "Now then mister, why do you consider yourself an idiot?" enquired the teacher with a sneer. "Well, actually I don't," said the student, "but I hate to see you standing up there all by yourself."

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